Thursday, 2 April 2009

Can you stand another surprise?????????????

Well, I’m guessing that if you are looking at our banner long enough, it’s probably not the hugest surprise to say that today, it’s time to tell you about the retreat that we have organised for you! YAY!!!

We are aware that many of you love the internet and the on-line classes that come with it, but sometimes there is nothing better than just a girly get together with other women who just understand :0) (Get out clause - we welcome men to our events too, we just don’t find many who understand!)

So, let’s begin by saying that we understand LOL :)

But here are the basics of what we have planned:

What? - A Papercrafting weekend / day using Stampin' Up! products

When? - Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th of July 2009

Where? - Holiday Inn, Guildford

How much? - That depends on how long you want to join us for LOL!

Who? - Anyone who loves papercrafting, loves SU and wants to play

So, in this credit crunching, non-spending, business downturn kind of time, we wanted to make this as accessible as we could, to as many of you that we could and this is what we came up with:

Each day (Saturday and Sunday) will run from 8.30am to 5.30pm and will include four papercrafting classes, refreshments, lunch and a whole heap of fun! We will also be running a Saturday night Party, which will have make and takes, demonstrations, games and general laughs and hilarities. The days will be intense with lots to concentrate on and the evening event will be far more relaxed – and a whole heap of giggles!

We have space for a maximum of 50 people for each session and the three sessions are split as follows:

Saturday Day: £90
Saturday Night Party: £25
Sunday Day: £90

You may book one session or all three sessions it is completely up to you.

You can book your place by paying us using the Paypal button on the right hand side (make sure it’s not the button for the On-line class – as much as we’d love to produce a weekend event for £15 per person, we’re not sure it would consist of much other than sitting in the car park LOL!). You will then be forwarded a confirmation email together with a form for us to collect your details on. We are able to take payment by cheque if that is easier, please email us on for more details on this option.


The Holiday Inn, Guildford is a gorgeous hotel, but we thought it would be nice for you to decide how much you spent on accommodation, if you needed it, then it was up to you if you wanted to go Super Deluxe or blow up bed and ten to a room :0)

We have managed to negotiate discounted prices for rooms at the Holiday Inn, Guildford for a price of £80 PER ROOM (i.e £80 if it’s a single room, £40 each if it is a twin room) for one nights bed and breakfast and £55.00 PER ROOM if you want to stay for a second night (i.e. if you are staying two nights and sharing a room, the price is just £67.50 for two nights bed and breakfast!).

You can book this directly by phoning the hotel and you quoting ID KL6 as the reference to get these reduced rates.

Here is a link to the hotel so you can look at the pictures:

So, we think that this should cover most of the basics. Obviously nearer the time, you will receive everything that you will need to know as in what to bring etc but all in all, we thought it would be a whole heap of fun to get some people together and all do what we love doing.

Any questions, fire away by either posting a comment on this blog post or emailing us at

Are you going to come and Stamp With Us in Guildford?

The Stamp With Us Team


  1. Oh pants! That's my birthday weekend and we have a party planned already... can't you change the date? Hee hee.... have fun girls, sorry I can't join you on this one. Tara

  2. I would so love to but it's just a tad too far for me to travel so could prove expensive as I'd not want to miss that party! Maybe next time. Hope you all have a fab time :D

  3. Sounds like fun but a long way for me to travel would be too expensive for me. shame cos I bet it will be great!

  4. What is the nearest train station and how far away is it from the hotel?

    Who is teaching and what is split between cards and scrapbooking for the classes?

  5. Please, pretty please, can we have a retreat further 'up North'?

  6. Ooo just down the road from me!!!! in a roundabout way lol..
    Sounds great girls ... will have to think of money at the moment but who knows..
    Sounds great and very tempting
    Caroline x x

  7. I really wish I could make this but I'm already double booked that weekend no way I'm going to be able to make it, I'll either be at Silverstone or way up North - either way will be on two wheels - will be thinking of you all ;(

  8. Wooohoooo.... I just registered via PayPal! I'm so excited. Thanks so much for doing this.

  9. Very cool! Fantastic card and brilliant house!

  10. 50 people per session is alot of people. Will it still feel intimate enough as it reminds me of lectures when you can't really hear or see properly at the back? Do you help people if people get stuck with a bit of a project and what happens if all 50 do at once? Presumably all materials are included for that price are they? It would be nice to have more details as I'm not sure what we get for the money at the moment and it's alot of money with accomodation and travel so need to have all the details to make a decision.It's a long way from me too so not sure about this but need to know more first. Thanks.

  11. This seems rather an expensive day girls for crafting, when you can have an afternoon class for 3/4 hours for £6 TO £7.50 including materials.
    And to make a weekend of it well you are talking almost £300 thats sharing a room with someone you may not get on with or going up to £400 for a sigle room,plus travel and money for lunch and a drink in the evenings.
    Its a lot of people and a lot of money,a shame that lots of people will not beable to attend because the charges are so high.
    I know you girls want to earn an income but 50 at the amount per day, plus sales is a big amount.
    I thought it was to meet people and have a crafting day/weekend. Thanks