Saturday, 21 March 2009

OH MY......

.....GOD !!! Ladies ( not sure if we have any male stampers) I could scream I am so overwhelmed by your response, and to have so many of you saying just how much you re looking forward to our challenges and excited to play along makes me go all funny inside( I love it!!). Of course this makes me even more excited because I know what we have in store for YOU and I cannot wait till we can reveal it all. So I made a card to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for your kind words, and I truly wanted to make and send one card to each and every one of you but of course that is a bit impossible unless I lock myself away in my craft room for a very looooong time.

Isn't it a nice, bright and cheery card? I love those colours together. I even rocked and roll ed (note the cool effect on the flower head?)

Oookay!! Let's see, I will try and introduce myself a bit just so you know who you re dealing with.

I am fabulous and clever and brilliant and the bestest and incredible and marvelous and super duper talented and SO NOT FUNNY AT ALL!!!! LOL

Seriously my name is Monica Gale I am fast approaching my 35 Th birthday on the 1st of April( I know just what you re thinking ** That explains everything !!!!*). I have been born in Roumania right in the heart of Transylvania (I hate garlic !!) but now live in North Yorkshire. I am married to the most tolerant and ever so understanding man and as much as I love him, some days I could quite well throttle him, but there s one thing I know for sure I won't be without him. We have one dog a 6 year old German Shepard called Nico who is not very appreciative of mummy's crafting (he sides with hubby you see). I have been crafting for 16 years and I discovered card making while attending a Christmas workshop organized by my then interior design teacher. We did a load of home decor projects and then she pulled out a few stamps, one silver ink pad and one gold ink pad. What can I say? I was hooked and so my obssesion with stamping began, I can still remember when Hobby Craft had only two rows of stamping supplies and that included all their envelopes card blanks, ink pads and stamps, jeez I am glad we moved along over those years. Last January I became an Independent demonstrator for Stampin'Up! and is the best thing I have done( truly), I love everything about it and I went on to become their most successful demonstrator to date a title that I am incredibly proud of but one that I could have not achieved without the support of my lovely customers and my talented and inspiring team **The Passionettes**.

Phew are you still with me? sorry about the waffling I want to thank you once again and tell you that I look forward getting to know you over the coming months and seeing all those wonderful projects you will share with us. Lots of big hugs Monica xxx


  1. Hi Monica it's great to see you on the blog.You've been a fabby cyber hostess and I wish you ever more success with your SU.
    Cass xxx

  2. Your excitement must be contagious! Looking forward to the reveal!!

  3. What a lovely card for all of us , i am sure we all dont mind sharing, well we are crafters ;).
    Cant wait for this to go live.. ooo help, how can i contain myself.

  4. Hi Monica, nice to meet you. I´m looking forward to the first challenge.

  5. What a gorgeous card, I am very excited to see what you have in store for us all....

  6. Hi Monica!!! Nice to meet you!!! I could feel all your good energy!!!

    Thanks for this card... I loved it!!

    So... Have a nice week!!! And I'll be back later!!!


  7. Hi Monica. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store- a fellow Su demo

  8. Hi Monica, I can't wait to see what you girls come up with. I'm so excited! x

  9. such a beautiful card and loved reading about you!

  10. Hi Monica:
    Nice to meet you!!!
    Beautiful card, thanks!!!


  11. Gorgeous card. Looking forward to the challenges.
    Sam x

  12. Monica, your excitement is definately contagious. It is lovely to meet you and you seem so lovely and bubbly, and your card shows the same personality. I cannot wait for the first challenge.
    Vikki x x x

  13. Who could resist in not joining in on your new endeavour with Stmapin' Up! products (they are the best you know!), your team - Natalie and Zoe and of coarse your enthusiasm is bursting at the seams.
    I am looking forward to the day of reveal.
    By the way, I love your card; now I know what to make with this DSP.

  14. Am really loving this card. I have those papers and they are gorgeous, but it is how you have put them together that really makes it stand out - as usual!


  15. That is such a beautiful card Monica (as usual) love the colour combo.


  16. Love the card Monica, bright and cheery! Can't wait to see what's in store for us on the website. Until then...

    Alex x

  17. Hi Monica and the rest of the DT!

    I love your card! Great colours:-) Seeing all your cards made me really looking forward to your challenges! Unfortunatly, I don´t own any SU supplies, and have no idea how to get any. Is it possible for my to order online? When will SU come to Norway????????


  18. Hi Monica:
    Nice to meet you.. you did a absolutely beautiful card.


  19. This card is really splendid !